Sunday, April 11, 2010

What's next-

I've been experiencing a calling from God and I'm interested on how he will use me. I feel like when your a kid (okay I still feel like this) on Christmas morning so excited that you can't contain it and you just want to peek and see what it is. I really REALLY want to peek at whats to come.
I think only recently my faith has become truly real. Knowing that God wanted to work a miracle in me and he chose me to do this miracle when He didn't have to. Kinda reminds me that I am special enough for anyone. Being single has sucked at times, okay a lot of times, but knowing that God has someone who sees me and chooses me is going to be amazing. So I'll wait, I wont settle or at least I'll try not to settle. I can't wait to discover that love.
This year I wanted to get closer to God and I sure have. Learning more and more about all the many things he has in store for me I'm so excited.

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