Saturday, May 30, 2009


As many of you know I have a very interesting life. Some people watch soap operas, I live in one! I get to be Super Aunt when Cayden decides he doesn't want the milk in his tummy any more. I get to help clean up and such.

So last night I think I've earned my final requiremen
ts to become a full member of the Super Hero Club.

My next task I need to earn my cape is find a side kick!

Here are some perks of being a sidekick-
10. You get to use the Hero's cape as a spare shower curtain.
9. Discounts for being part of his "Friends, Family & Sidekicks" cell phone plan
8. You're always first in line for the "hand-me-down" tights.

7. You look better in fall color outfits instead of the Hero's customary primary palate.
6.You get to meet all the up and coming super villans as they are chaining you to the railroad tracks.
5.The likelihood that you will be kidnapped by an evil mastermind is offset by being high on the Hero's list of people to rescue.
4. The Supervillain's sidekick often gets killed. You just get tied up a lot.

3. You don't have to deal with having your own pesky sidekick following you around.
2. Holy catch phrases, are your one liners cool!
1. What do you think happens when the Hero saves two incredibly hot damsels in distress?

Sorry I found that somewhere online and thought it was too funny

So if you are interested in becoming my sidekick let me know!

We get cool capes!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun. Mr. Golden Sun...

This is a post to the sunshine

We don't get to see each other that often. So it was a wonderful day to spend time in your beauty. But now I don't like you.

I sit outside in your beauty and warmth. What do I get in return? My skin to turn a wonderful shade of red. I come outside to enjoy you and this is what I get. Honestly I should sue you! But alas your a big ball of gas and if anyone came near you they would burn up instantly. So no one can get a hold of you.

I've also wondered how come you wear sunglasses. Shouldn't everyone else should since your so bright. You wouldn't need them because you are not looking at yourself.

Well this all I'm going to say about you. I need to reapply some Aloe Vera to my wonderful sunburn that you have given me.


PS- Next time you come out have some non-rain clouds join you so it wouldn't be so hot out. And I've missed you a little bit!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

is it summer?

I'm doing alright. crazy crazy things have been happening. I'm still trying to learn stuff about myself... not too sure im doing so hot on that. But hey they didn't build rome in a day.

I was at the church Thursday to visit Stephen. Stephen had to run around and do stuff so I got his office to myself to work on Media Shout. Well his desk was too messy for me to work, so what did I do. I cleaned it! He's been stressing out about stuff so I thought I'd be nice and clean his desk. He's so far only had to ask me about where 1 thing was. I count that as being good. I don't mind doing organizational stuff once in a while, it sometimes is a stress relief for me. so yay for clean desks.

er... I forgot what I was going to say next...oh yeah now I remember.

My right ear has been hurting for a couple days, I was thinking joy- an ear infection. But I went to the doctors and it wasn't. Hurray! Just my normal eustation tube stuff. So I got a rx of sudafed and its working. I also discovered that when I put an ear plug in that ear it relieves some of the pressure. I was bored and I had ear plugs so I tried it.

Cayden is still handsome as can be. Growing up faster than you'd imagine. This kid is only 13 months and he WALKED, not crawled but walked up our front porch stairs all by himself. Now that's pretty stinking cool!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Ben-gay is Evil!! I put it on my lower back and well it burned. I could handle it then it burned even more. I couldn't handle it anymore, so I started to cry. Then it started to cool down, it was fine once it cooled down. Or so I thought. It started to burn even more. I cried once again. I went out to my mom she cleaned off what was left. Ok I'm good. Wrong again. Burning once again. This time I tried ice packs. Well it finally stopped burning or I was just too tired. I went to sleep I really didn't want to get up this morning.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


So today was a very long and boring day. Last night I had the urge to organize, so what did I do? I folded Cayden's clothes. Yes I went through his clothes sorted them out, shirts, pants and pj's. I enjoyed it. It calmed me down. But don't expect me to do it often. Today was tons of fun. Today I had to run the sound and media stuff for the Mother's Day thing. All I have to say is UGH! I am tired and I can't sleep. Yes its almost 8pm but I'm not even tired, my lower back is killing me. I need to do trigger point on it and maybe some bengay stuff. Today's weather has been crazy and hurts me. One day I will not have any hurt. That day may not be on this earth but I will.
Some friend told me that I suffer more than people see. Which is very true. I can't wait for that day when my suffering stops. I'd rather give everything I have to make people around me happy than myself. Yes I know its not good for me, I am working on this. Sometimes people don't realize how hard I push myself and how far I push myself beyond the point I should. I know I have those around me when in my time of need they will be there for me. I don't use those helps because I have a hard time letting go of my independence. I don't get to let my independence get away from me because I feel like I am losing a part of me. I can't wait to find that someone who I can let my guard down around them.
I'm watching this show called Physic Kids. Its kinda cool. I am interested in it. Its like me being interested in past lives and such. I can't prove it but its fun to look at and discover. Its like with anything as long as you don't let it run your life.
My thought trains have left the station.