Saturday, May 30, 2009


As many of you know I have a very interesting life. Some people watch soap operas, I live in one! I get to be Super Aunt when Cayden decides he doesn't want the milk in his tummy any more. I get to help clean up and such.

So last night I think I've earned my final requiremen
ts to become a full member of the Super Hero Club.

My next task I need to earn my cape is find a side kick!

Here are some perks of being a sidekick-
10. You get to use the Hero's cape as a spare shower curtain.
9. Discounts for being part of his "Friends, Family & Sidekicks" cell phone plan
8. You're always first in line for the "hand-me-down" tights.

7. You look better in fall color outfits instead of the Hero's customary primary palate.
6.You get to meet all the up and coming super villans as they are chaining you to the railroad tracks.
5.The likelihood that you will be kidnapped by an evil mastermind is offset by being high on the Hero's list of people to rescue.
4. The Supervillain's sidekick often gets killed. You just get tied up a lot.

3. You don't have to deal with having your own pesky sidekick following you around.
2. Holy catch phrases, are your one liners cool!
1. What do you think happens when the Hero saves two incredibly hot damsels in distress?

Sorry I found that somewhere online and thought it was too funny

So if you are interested in becoming my sidekick let me know!

We get cool capes!

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nikeathena said...

THis made my day. Man are sidekicks cool!