Saturday, May 16, 2009

is it summer?

I'm doing alright. crazy crazy things have been happening. I'm still trying to learn stuff about myself... not too sure im doing so hot on that. But hey they didn't build rome in a day.

I was at the church Thursday to visit Stephen. Stephen had to run around and do stuff so I got his office to myself to work on Media Shout. Well his desk was too messy for me to work, so what did I do. I cleaned it! He's been stressing out about stuff so I thought I'd be nice and clean his desk. He's so far only had to ask me about where 1 thing was. I count that as being good. I don't mind doing organizational stuff once in a while, it sometimes is a stress relief for me. so yay for clean desks.

er... I forgot what I was going to say next...oh yeah now I remember.

My right ear has been hurting for a couple days, I was thinking joy- an ear infection. But I went to the doctors and it wasn't. Hurray! Just my normal eustation tube stuff. So I got a rx of sudafed and its working. I also discovered that when I put an ear plug in that ear it relieves some of the pressure. I was bored and I had ear plugs so I tried it.

Cayden is still handsome as can be. Growing up faster than you'd imagine. This kid is only 13 months and he WALKED, not crawled but walked up our front porch stairs all by himself. Now that's pretty stinking cool!

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