Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New items for my Craft room

For those who live in Portland may or may not of heard of Title Wave Bookstore. Go check them out, here is what they are- The Title Wave Used Bookstore sells retired Multnomah County Library materials at discounted prices. - Awesome place to get kids books and CDs.

So now back to my new additions. Today I scored 2 new crafting books-

First one- The Sewing Bible

Here is the best part...wanna know how much I paid for it?? $7. That's right ladies and gentlemen SEVEN DOLLARS!!! And it is not on its last leg...heck I think its only got its foot chopped off on the first leg. I am soo excited about it.

Number 2- Fleece for Kids: Easy-To-Sew Clothes & Toys with patterns!!

Paid $1.50 for it.

Last is my other score from a previous trip

Ultimate Sewing Bible

This one is okay. Not my fav book, more for interior design sewing and hand sewing. It's a nice reference to have.

So far these are my craft room books.

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thedoctorsplus1 said...

I can't wait to see what you're going to make next!!!