Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Babies, Babies, Babies. I just want to do my quick shout out to all those who are recently born. Trevin, Gavin, Britton, Keanan, Wesley and any other babies that were born recently into my life. Each one of you boys (and girls if i forgot someone) were born into a family. A family that loves you and was so excited to meet you. I am also excited to meet each one of you. Trevin, I have not met you or your brother yet. Your mom and I were roommates while we were students at NNU. Your mother is an amazing person, loving, caring, fun and just plain awesome. Gavin & Britton, the things your Grampa Tony will teach you. I am your mother's cousin. I am excited that you both were born healthy and beautiful. Your father is a great dad and super excited to see you both. If you fart or anything blame it on grandpa Tony not the doggies. Keanan, your mother and father both love you so very much and you are entering into a family of love. Wesley, you are going to grow up in a family who is so excited to see you and to watch you grow up.
To each one of you I welcome you.

For an update on my nephew, he took his first steps. I am so proud of him next thing we will know we can't catch him. He such a smart kid. One day I will be able to share my love with my own child. I can't wait for that day.

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Sonja said...

I so appreciate the wonder and amazement you have for children. They are a blessed miracle and should be told this, but too often we fail to do so.
And when the day comes for you to be a mommy you will be wonderful!

PS: you're probably wondering how I found your blog, and I saw it on your facebook. Don't worry I'm not a stalker! Haha!