Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pain and other stuff

Pain sucks. I've lived with constant pain for about 2/3 years now. Its not fun. Today was a day where I just rested. I slept till 6pm tonight. And its 9pm and I'm read to go back to bed. It seriously drains everything from you. My mind doesn't work as it used to. I forget things more often. I tend to not want people to touch me, its not that I don't want the touch its I am scared that they will touch me in the wrong place and cause me to hurt. The worst part of everything is that when rain falls on me it hurts. I've gotten better with that but somedays it still affects me. I can sleep and sleep and still not feel better.

Cayden is growing more and more each day. He can sign for "more". It's so cute, but usually he just makes this noise "MMMM". Sometimes it sounds like more. On valentines day I was at the church for a young adults shin-dig and I was giving Samantha a kiss goodnight because she was so sleepy. Cayden who was on the other end of a section of chairs in the sanctuary saw me doing this and would make some loud noise to get my attention. It was like he was saying, "Hey why are you doing that? that's for me!" He knows who he wants and when he wants them.

I've got a migraine coming on. UGH! well Good night all. Sweet dreams and all that junk.

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