Friday, February 27, 2009


Today has not been a good day.
I went to go lay down this morning after running out of energy while playing with Cayden. Got into my bed and as soon as I did my lower back deiced that it was going to spaz out on me. I couldn't move. I start freaking out. What do I do? I called my mom and she wasn't sure what to do. Eventually my sister came in my room gave me some of my drugs and I fell asleep. I was awoken by her sometime later for another reason. I got up attempted to walk around, made some lunch and went back to my bed. Yes my back was still hurting then. I wake up again due to some heartburn and all I want is a massage. Someone to come rub my back!
This is my day in a nut shell. I am not really saying this but just thinking it, what else can go wrong?

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