Sunday, April 26, 2009

Don't do this

So in times when I'm bored or don't have anything to do or when I just space out because of my meds, my mind thinks of very weird things. On my way to Sweet Home to see Michelle and James become husband and wife, I decided I couldn't ever be Jewish. Your probably wondering why, well this is my reason. I like pig products too much. That's the only real reason I could think of. Well recently I let my mind go on another adventure in my ponderingisms.
My newest one is I wonder if I'll ever have cancer. Strange thing to think about. Yes I know. Then while on this topic I wondered if I had to have chemo and such other treatments if they would put my FM (fibromyalgia for those not paying attention) into remission or remove it all the way. Then I also was thinking if I had strong chemo I would not have to shave my legs, I am/was sorta looking forward to that perk. Yes I know chemo is a nasty nasty thing and is really hard on the body but hey I would not have to shave my legs. I was pretty freaking excited. Back to the remission ideals of FM, then I thought about it some more and realized if it did put it in remission why not try to figure out why it went into remission with the chemo and such. Then I would make a breakthrough within the FM world. I'd become a superhero to those with FM and I'd try and leave in the perk of not having to shave legs but keeping our head hair.I'd find ways to make the medicine only remove leg hairs, not head hairs. Some day that will be possible, most likely in my life time but eventually.
Its sometimes hard for me to not let my mind wonder. I get off these tangents and have no hope of going back to what I was originally thinking of. Also in my head random songs will pop in my head triggered by a phrase or what not. As I've once said, There is a musical going on in my head and only I can hear it.
And no I'm not hearing voices just songs. Just random songs.
Well now that i've scared people off have a wonderful week and be safe!

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