Saturday, March 7, 2009


Well seeing as its saturday and I had my wonderful flare up on thursday, you'd assume that I'm not hurting as much. Well I am not hurting that much but I am still hurting. Life is kinda sucking. I'm running low on pain pills so I am rationing I have to wait for monday to get my refill. I'm dealing. I may skip church on sunday. Haven't decided yet. But who knows. I need to work on gettiny my pain levels down. hopefully seeing this pain managment specialist will help some. I'm trying so hard to not let my pain levels get me down. Its just hard most days. I'd love to be out doing things but I have a hard time. Oh well. Things don't always work out the way we want. Thursday it was like my body had a migrane. Its coming back today. Oh well. I just have to deal. My doctor isn't in the office today and there is nothing they can do for me w/o her approval. Stupid opitate therapy plan. I mean its good but my plan right now is so innaffective. And I don't know how to have it work effectivly for me. So hopefully pain mtg will help me with that. Enough of me venting.

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