Monday, March 16, 2009

week 1

Well this is week on on my new pain medicine. So far so good. They take my pain away but I am still getting used to the 'high' feeling. I've been dealing with nausea and such but that is getting better. So I am glad I'm getting relief. I've been catching up on sleep. Which I've needed. I get hot flashes from it tho. Oh well.
I haven't been eating that much. I maybe get one meal a day. I'm just not hungry. I have been eating better. This morning I actually had breakfast. So I am getting stuff to eat its just not a whole lot.
Yesterday I stopped by the nursery after sunday school to see Cayden. I picked him up and then I had to go because I was doing the projectors. I'm closing the gate and I hear him screw/shout, "aNNNNNN." Which is his sound for me, more of a 'N' sound. I think it comes from me being called Auntie. He was so upset that I was leaving him there. So now I have not go in there.
Last night I went to see him down in his room that he shares with his parents. Well he needed a diaper change. Let me give you some background on this next part. My mom coughs a lot from her asthma. So thats how we find each other in stores. I have to fake cough to find her. Well back to changing diaper. I was holding his hands up above his head so he wouldn't touch down in diaper zone. I would start fake coughing and Cayden would copy it, followed by laughing. He is already learning to fake cough. Its really cute.
He is very smart. He waves bye bye, fake coughs, can sign 'more', almost walking, cut his first tooth, says 'i ni ni' when he gets really tired. That's all I can think of right now I know there is more but my mind is drawing a blank.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

PS- My friend/former co-worker Kirsten, her brother's wife Emily delievered their daughter, Elise Laine at 27 and 6/7 weeks. So please keep them in your prayers. Kirsten is also pregnant with her second child, pray that everything goes well with that. You can check out their blogs to see how they are both doing.

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